When the time comes to perform a sprinkler system repair, there are many things you can do yourself without calling a plumber. Here is what should be at your garden shed if the time comes for an easy repair: some heavy-duty gardening gloves; a thin spade and shovel for digging, simple-out tube extractors, some heavy-duty garden hose, two to three coats of painter’s tape, and some garden hose weed killers. After you have gathered these items, it is time to perform the actual repairs.

First, identify the area of the sprinkler’s problem. If you live in a mild or warm climate chances are your sprinklers will not need a repair. However, in severe or hot climates your sprinklers will need to be inspected and repaired immediately. You will need to locate the main water supply line, as well as any faucet or sprinkler head that may be leaking.

The first thing you will need to do is turn off the water supply to your home. It is important to not disconnect the supply line to the sprinkler system to repair the water pressure in your yard. Many times water problems in the yard are not actually due to the sprinklers at all. In fact, many times there is an electrical problem with the homeowner’s home causing the pipes to freeze and burst.

After turning off the water the next thing you will want to do is get a flashlight and search your yard for any obvious signs of damage. If the homeowner does not initially notice the problems with their yard, it is important to be patient. Many times the homeowner will begin to smell something wrong and decide it is time to call a plumber or a sprinkler system repair company. If you can smell the problem or have evidence of water damage in the area of the sprinkler system repair, it is wise to act before the situation becomes overwhelming.

The average cost of sprinkler systems to replace can range from two hundred dollars to three thousand dollars. This will depend on the type and location of the sprinkler system. The average cost will also include the amount of labor charged by the repairmen as well as the parts and installation involved in the repairs. The type and location of the sprinkler systems will also determine the average cost.

Sprinkler head replacement is often necessary when installing new sprinkler systems. Many times the heads will wear out and need to be replaced. Other times the wires may break and need to be replaced. In addition, if the sprinkler system repairman finds a leak in one of the pipes he will usually replace these with new ones. When working properly, most of these pipes should last for twenty or more years.

Homeowners that need sprinkler system repairs may also need to replace the controller at one time or another. The controller is often called the safety valve because it controls the water supply. When this component wears out or if there is a problem with the wiring connected to the sprinkler system repairman will disconnect the water supply to the area. In many cases, the homeowner will reconnect the valve themselves. They will then find that the valve has failed and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes sprinkler system repairs will not require any type of replacement, such as changing the bulbs or fixing the controller. If these types of repairs are needed, it will be much less expensive to just make the call to a local service call fee company.

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The service call fee is basically a percentage of the total cost of the repairs that are needed. For larger jobs that require sprinkler system repairs that require changing or replacing the bulbs or controllers, it may be wise to contact a sprinkler system company to get estimates on the repairs needed.

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